4 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website!

4 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website!

By Rishad Hassan | December 3, 2020

Looking to increase website traffic and grow your sales? Use these 4 effective methods to drive eCommerce traffic to your online store.

Hi guys, my name is Jahla and I’m the Digital Marketing Manager here at iBusinessFormula. Today I am going to continue to tell you some really effective ways to generate traffic to your ecommerce website for free to boost up your chances of making a sale.

Let’s have a look at 4 secret techniques with the highest traffic potential for your eCommerce website. Shush don’t tell anyone.

1. Integrated Social Media

Now, one way to drive traffic to your store is integrating social media with your ecommerce store. Social media like Instagram and Facebook can be linked to your ecommerce store and by doing that you will actually make the purchase process easier for your customers which will encourage them to visit your website more frequently.

2. Listing High Demand / Favourite Products

Another simple yet very important strategy that will influence consumers to pay a visit to your store is listing some of your products under the high demand/ favourite products category.. You know, with too many options around online shopping it can be mind boggling. So it is a good idea to provide your customers with a sense of direction and this will also add some more credibility to your products. The products do not really have to be top selling, you can include any product you like in that category, it is just to create the essence. It really works!


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3. Adding Reviews

The next suggestion I have for you is to have reviews and recommendations for your products and services. This is called social proofing. Customers are more comfortable purchasing a product that people have endorsed. If you look at stores like Amazon, you’ll see that they have included social proofing for every product page in the form of reviews. You can do the same for your ecommerce store and sit back and see the difference!

4. Blog posts

Last but not least, another great way to generate traffic is creating blog posts for your products and services. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s effective. You can show readers how to use a product in context or talk about the benefits it has to offer in general and then provide a link to land on your website to read more about the product. Customers love to get that additional information that adds value to the product they want to buy. So give it to them!

That’s all from me guys! I have talked about 4 additional strategies to help you get more visitors in your ecommerce platform. None of them are tricky or complicated, none of them will cost you any money but all of them can help your business do way better than it is doing right now if you have not applied these strategies yet.

So let’s get to work. If you don’t want to do it yourself, no worries, we are here to provide you with customised digital marketing solutions at an affordable price! Book in a 30 minute free strategy session by clicking the link below.

We hope you found this information useful.

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