Are you looking to leave your 9-to-5 job and start something for yourself?

Are you looking to leave your 9-to-5 job and start something for yourself?

By Rishad Hassan | December 15, 2020

If you have been bored of your 9-5 job and thinking about quitting and starting something on your own, the chances are that you haven’t done it yet because you are asking yourself the following questions –

  • 🤔 Do I have what it takes to start a business?
  • 🤔 The naysayers in my friends and family are telling me all the time that I will fail. Are they right?
  • 🤔 Do I believe I have something unique to offer in the marketplace?

Let’s address these points one at a time.

Do you have what it takes to start a business?

  • Okay, if you analyse what you do everyday for your employer, you will soon realise that you are already achieving wonderful things everyday. You have the zeal and motivation to go to work and put in your 100% day in and day out to complete the project(s) you are working on.
  • The question is – if you can do it for your employer where your contribution, most of the time, goes unnoticed or unappreciated – guess what you can achieve when you would do it for yourself and reap all the benefits at a personal level? One thing will be there for sure in abundance – motivation!
  • So the answer is – of course you do. You just haven’t started believing it for yourself and more importantly, may not be ready to go out of your comfort zone.

The naysayers are telling you that you will fail!

  • Hmmm – this is the most irritating one for me. I appreciate that they are our close family or friends and they want the best for us, but if you look at what they are doing in their own life, you will see that they haven’t taken the same decision for themselves as well. If you speak to any members of your family or friends who are entrepreneurs, I guarantee you, they would all encourage you to take the plunge. Yes, they would also caution you to do your research and be prepared, but ultimately, they would say it’s the best thing that happened to them.
  • So what I am trying to get at is that if you talk to those who haven’t experienced the life of an entrepreneur, they are obviously going to be skeptical about it. Once you understand this and talk to people who have done it (hint – I have done it and that’s why I am recommending it for you) you will find your motivation.

Do you have anything unique to offer?

  • The answer is YES because of the fact that you are doing a job for your employer. If you are getting paid $X per year, you can be sure that the organisation is making at least 10X of that $X they are paying you from your contribution. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the role there. You might not believe it but it is true.
  • So you have data, proven cases that you can contribute to make a decent amount of money. All you have to do is offer the same expertise to another party but from your own business instead of going via the employer – simple!
  • You are probably thinking, “well it’s not that simple” – yes I agree. The challenge is to take a step and get it started and then keep striving and working on it. It takes time but if you keep at it, eventually you will be able to create a niche for yourself.


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The success of your entrepreneurship depends on YOUR decisions.

If you choose to continue as a 9-to-5 employee, you limit your potential as an individual as well as your earning potential. And someone else decides everything from your work schedule to when (or if) you can take time off.

If you choose to be a business owner, you’re in charge. You make all the rules and set the goals. There are NO LIMITS on how much can be made ($ value). Yes, the beginning will be difficult but once you have set it up, you can make more time for yourself and give more to your family and loved ones.

I had taken the decision after working for 14 years with the biggest brands in Australia and I can tell you, even when I consider all the challenges and stress I go through every day running my marketing agency, I still don’t even consider going back to a 9-to-5 job ever again.

What would be the first step to start your business?

Well, do you want to sell products or offer a service? Just open up a simple website and see for yourself whether it flies or not.

If you see you are getting good feedback then spend a bit more time and money on it. Keep testing and keep moving forward bit by bit.

When you are 100% confident that you are ready, only then take the decision to leave your job and start full time. You don’t always need to dive in with everything you’ve got 🙂

Opening a website could be easier and cost-effective than you think. By the way, an extra tip, having a small business running in parallel to your day job can be good from a tax perspective as well. Speak to your accountant about that…

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