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How to find a digital marketing agency who can be your business partner and problem solver – not just a service provider?

By Rishad Hassan | December 10, 2020

Ever wondered how you can choose the right marketing agency for your business?

You get so many pitches every day and their claims are around the line that they would do big things for your business. It seems mind boggling, doesn’t it?

One common promise is, apparently, a great “service” that will grow your business multifold.

Doesn’t that sound like “one size fits all”?

How about finding an agency that listens to your unique needs (every business is unique and yours is no difference for sure) before they promise a “solution”?

It is really important for you to find a good agency because it can give your business a huge boost. Facebook, Google, YouTube ads and SEO – these do work to get you clients or sell your products – no doubt.

So the question is, how can you differentiate and find a marketing agency that is the best fit for your business?

The answer could be very simple. You need to ask yourself this- Does the agency have good experience? And, does it have a good track record?

These two are very good criteria to judge by . But do note one thing – there are really some good agencies who definitely have the expertise and experience but they do come with a cost as quality has its value.


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In some cases, your business may not be able to afford them; worse even that these agencies will take you on as a client but not provide you with the same level of attention as they give to big clients. It’s only human nature to focus on assignments that are big and glorified. If they are working on big projects, they might allocate the junior team members to look after your business. So you end up paying big bucks but don’t get the same level of expertise.

So what to do?

Just see how they respond to your interest, how much they care. Ask, are they sending you their sales team to sign you up or you get to speak to someone who will actually be working with you? The latter is what you should look for.

The next important thing to look at is ‘trust’. You, as a business owner, have instincts to know who is genuine and you can trust. Follow your instinct.

Most importantly, check whether they are just offering you a “service” or a solution to your needs.

Check the following when you speak to them:

  • Are they clear in terms of what they need from you to get you killer results? Or they are saying they can turn anything into gold for you? The first one is dependable.
  • How are they going to communicate with you when they start working with you? Are they giving you their direct communication line or pitching to you some “systems”? Again, it should be the first option.
  • How often and frequently do they commit to produce reports and insight packs for you? It should be as per your business need.
  • They should be forthcoming in saying that they will test and learn with you. If they are not showing humbleness, you can expect them to be quite arrogant in their delivery. You don’t want that in a partner for your business.
  • Do they show their appreciation for your time and business? It should be mutually beneficial. They need your business and you need their expertise to grow yours.

When you win, the agency wins and vise versa.

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